Wednesday, July 28, 2010

America’s Cultural Transformation toward Secularism, Part III

The last key factor is to feel real or perceived opposition in what you are doing. Some Christians and others are opposing all these groups mentioned above, but the opposition is weak in many areas. This opposition makes then even more determined to get their voices heard and their causes to the forefront. For example, the ACLU is directly opposed by a group called the American Center for Law and Justice, which was created by a Christian lawyer specifically to counter the ACLU. The ACLJ represents Americans in all areas of law when their religious freedoms are being threatened. The founder, Jay Sekulow, has stood in front of the U.S. Supreme Court dozens of times defending the rights of Christians, and he has an impressive win record. The ACLJ really lights a fire under the ACLU and they continually push the envelop of civil lawsuits. The homosexual movement and Planned Parenthood both feel a strong resistance coming from the religious right and are even more outspoken than ever before.

In the big picture, the opposition to these movements is not strong enough. The ungodly movements are winning and the majority of professing Christians are sitting around and proving Edmund Burke, the great 18th-century Scottish philosopher and British parliamentarian, very prophetic when he said, “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing”. These above listed movements know how to “play the game.” Kraft quotes Gerlach and Hine as saying about a movement, “the only type of crackdown that can stop it decisively is a complete and crushing force”. That’s exactly what the opponents of Christianity are trying to do – crush Christianity! Yet we Christians use kid gloves to fight back, and we’re losing.

What will it take for Christians to finally stand up and defend what they believe in? First and foremost, it’ll take prayer and the strength of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, it’ll take leaders to step up and take control of a movement or to start a movement of his own to fight back against those who hate Christianity. Something like what Jay Sekulow did with his founding of ACLJ.
Sekulow saw a need and stepped up to fill that need. He is a leader and leaders are what it takes to change things.

Strong leaders keep the movement going in the right direction. The leader ensures that everyone in the movement is aware of the vision, and he repeats the vision often enough that the vision gets down into the hearts of the participants, he creates a team effort in realizing the vision.

Christians are at war, human secularism is the enemy and it is winning. We need to armed and ready to do battle at a moments notice to defend the Christian way of life, yet most Christians are happy to let the enemy move forward at will. We need a Christian movement to counter each of the secular movements in our society - who will stand up and take charge?

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