Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is America Going to Hell?

Is America going to hell? I think it is. I've read that 85% of adult Americans claim to be a Christian; if this is so, why is there over a million unborn babies murdered each year? Why is pornography a billion dollar industry? Why are our prisons overflowing? Why do we elect, and continue to re-elect, corrupt, drunken, whoring, lying politicians? Why don't we have pray in school? Why is church attendance dropping faster than my house's market value?

I believe God has turned His back on this county; not on the true Christians who live here, but the country itself. God did this because we, as a nation, turned our back on Him first. This is not a Christian nation! It was once; but it has embraced evil, yes evil, and enjoys it to much to turn back to God.

We are a lot like Israel before Christ came. They were chosen by God to be a special people; to be a guide for others to follow. But they continually forgot God and followed the ways of pagan nations. No matter how often they were shown the light, they refused to follow it for long.

America is like this. We were a chosen people, to be a beacon of light to a fallen world. And we were for a while! Great advancement is all fields of science, medicine, theology, etc. were made by Americans. Then we, just as Israel did, decided that we could do it better. God? we don't need no stinking god! We have evolution as our god! We have naturalism as our god! We have ourselves as our god. Look how great we have become...

Those of us who still believe in and worship the true God can hope and pray for revival; it's happened before, maybe it'll happen again.

Holy Father, reach down your mighty hand, take a hold of us and place us on the righteous path. There are those of us here who want you to be the Leader of this nation. With You all is right; without You, we have a nation like what we have now - lost and wandering in the darkness; thinking it knows what is best when it's actually blindly running headfirst into the abyss. Only You can save us from ourselves. Please place holy men in national leadership positions, and give them Your Spirit to guide them as You see fit. Above all, thank You for Your Son, Jesus. May all the glory and blessing be His.


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